What To Do When You Mess Up: 3 Steps to Take

It’s right before my eyes slam shut at night. My mind swims with possibilities of things I could have done differently. Things I should have done differently. If he’s awake, my husband gets an ear full of my woes. He can’t fix me, so I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of beating myself up. Do… Continue reading What To Do When You Mess Up: 3 Steps to Take

How to Fight Anxiety & Depression

The gut-drop feeling hits when I least expect it. My throat starts to tighten. My head pounds. Anything good about the day is forgotten. Sometimes it’s a big thing that triggers me into a downward spiral. Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things. What starts your downward spiral? Some of my triggers for my anxiety… Continue reading How to Fight Anxiety & Depression

Growing from Grumbling to Gratitude

“Why do you have to continuously complain?” my husband uttered the question that cut right to the heart of the matter. I repeatedly complained about his bad breath when he would kiss me when coming home from work. He was right. Earlier that day I decided to be more grateful and somehow I missed that… Continue reading Growing from Grumbling to Gratitude

Why the Word ‘Temporary’ is Important

“It’s only temporary.” is the phrase He keeps saying. He says it to remind me, but probably to remind himself too. Every obstacle. Every bump in the road.  Blowing the converter in the RV breaker box, cleaning out disgusting dead mice, lightning leaving us with no electricity… My husband and I work 2 hours from… Continue reading Why the Word ‘Temporary’ is Important

What is Our Purpose?

If you read my high school journals, you’d know that I constantly struggled with the question: what is my purpose? To me, purpose was confusing and something that I had to figure out. I struggled with who I was and what I was supposed to do. (Who hasn’t asked themselves those when growing up?) I… Continue reading What is Our Purpose?

How Our Personalities Point to Our Purpose

My personality says I shouldn’t share my writing, because I’m shy, I don’t enjoy the technical side of it, and I can’t control how it’s perceived over the internet.  BUT I choose to believe God is equipping me so I can go where He leads. You can too!  Because we are created for a purpose,… Continue reading How Our Personalities Point to Our Purpose

How Our Past Can Point to Our Purpose

The door was closed so no one would know… My first experience with watching something I shouldn’t was when I was really young. The TV show at my aunt’s house was suggestive, but my young mind could still interpret what it was suggesting. I knew I should switch back to watching Care Bears. I pushed… Continue reading How Our Past Can Point to Our Purpose

How to Not Allow Your Emotions to Consume You: Part 3 of 3

Again it’s a mixture of hurt, anger, and insecurity. The consuming feeling I don’t belong is confirmed when I scroll on social media. FOMO is real, but so is introversion. Insecurity consols my emotions.  “You don’t belong. You are too shy.” I sit on the floor in silence. Fear of rejection is greater than my… Continue reading How to Not Allow Your Emotions to Consume You: Part 3 of 3