guest post

Instead of waiting until “someday”

Guest post by Molly Wilcox 

I have a brilliant idea before my feet slide into my slippers and it becomes a threshed out daydream before the smell of morning coffee hits my nose.

If you know the feeling, you know daydreaming leads to the mystical world of “someday.” If you could just stretch your hand out far enough you could grab it then your life would forever be changed. 

Except, in the kingdom of God there aren’t many overnight success stories. 

There are slow, gradual, intentional moments of faith and obedience gently leading God’s people into His purpose for them.  

Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days. David was anointed for nearly fifteen years before becoming king. Sarah didn’t have a baby until she was ninety. People of God are slowly ushered into their positions, and gently moved into their callings. 

There probably won’t be a moment when you wake up the next morning with what you’ve dreamed of or in the moment you pictured since you were a little girl. 

Instead, it’s in pursuing life with the Spirit that we gradually grow into the women of God we were designed to be. In the small decision to turn off netflix and write in a journal, we shift our gaze to our Creator and move a little closer into His arms. 

Focusing on the distant outcome can actually lead to disappointment and overwhelm. 

Becoming an entrepreneur is overwhelming when you’ve only ever had a 9-5. But devoting Saturday mornings at your local coffee shop to your dream is a small step of obedience.

Co-leading a Bible study is a shift towards saying “use me Lord” when you feel called to ministry. You might not wake up the next day preaching on a stage to thousands, but you’ll become familiar with how God wants to speak through you. 

One day, you’ll be at your “someday.” 

Maybe you have a house full of babies. Maybe you are walking across the stage graduating with your new degree. Maybe you’re hiring employees for the company you began.

Someday you’ll think those moments at your local coffee shop or co-leading a Bible study were the best part. Those faithful moments where you pursued your dream with the Lord and made subtle progress will become your favorite parts of the story.

Instead of waiting until “someday” to appreciate growth, let’s start celebrating it now.

Molly Wilcox is a lover of Jesus, mountains, and poetry. She almost always has a library book in her purse. She’s married to her finance obsessed husband and a devoted dog mom to her goldendoodle puppy. Nashville is home, but they take every opportunity to seek out adventure whether it’s across the country or a new coffee shop down the road. She sends out free weekly devotionals and blogs at

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