Why It’s Important to Know Our History

Guest Post By Tina Siemens In June of 2019, I joined a group on a tour through six European countries. We started in the Netherlands where Menno Simons became the leader of a group of Anabaptist believers who later became known as Mennonites, from Mennos first name. There were so many sobering moments standing where… Continue reading Why It’s Important to Know Our History

3 Problems in Our Friendships + How to Fix Them

“I have to be honest with you. I just don’t trust you. I don’t trust that you will come through when you say you will,” I said with a wavering voice. “Fair enough. I understand,” she replied. I shivered from my own honesty. I thought she was going to be defensive and reactionary, but she… Continue reading 3 Problems in Our Friendships + How to Fix Them

2 Prayers to Propel You into Christmas & 2021

Sometimes we need to stop and really reflect on the previous season before we can move forward in our current and/or approaching season. Maybe you feel exhausted, burnt out, and drained like me? As excited I am for what’s around the corner, I also am worn out from what felt like a long year we’ve… Continue reading 2 Prayers to Propel You into Christmas & 2021

Growing from Grumbling to Gratitude

“Why do you have to continuously complain?” my husband uttered the question that cut right to the heart of the matter. I repeatedly complained about his bad breath when he would kiss me when coming home from work. He was right. Earlier that day I decided to be more grateful and somehow I missed that… Continue reading Growing from Grumbling to Gratitude

From Earthly Country to Eternal Kingdom

I dashed out the door. My truck rolled out of my driveway at 6am. The coffee in my travel mug splashed onto the sides of the cup holder. I mentally noted to deal with that later. To make the hour and a half drive to Jury Room 103 I needed to leave that minute.  If… Continue reading From Earthly Country to Eternal Kingdom

Why the Word ‘Temporary’ is Important

“It’s only temporary.” is the phrase He keeps saying. He says it to remind me, but probably to remind himself too. Every obstacle. Every bump in the road.  Blowing the converter in the RV breaker box, cleaning out disgusting dead mice, lightning leaving us with no electricity… My husband and I work 2 hours from… Continue reading Why the Word ‘Temporary’ is Important