What To Do When You Mess Up: 3 Steps to Take

It’s right before my eyes slam shut at night. My mind swims with possibilities of things I could have done differently. Things I should have done differently. If he’s awake, my husband gets an ear full of my woes. He can’t fix me, so I feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of beating myself up. Do… Continue reading What To Do When You Mess Up: 3 Steps to Take

How to Fight Anxiety & Depression

The gut-drop feeling hits when I least expect it. My throat starts to tighten. My head pounds. Anything good about the day is forgotten. Sometimes it’s a big thing that triggers me into a downward spiral. Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things. What starts your downward spiral? Some of my triggers for my anxiety… Continue reading How to Fight Anxiety & Depression

Why It’s Important to Know Our History

Guest Post By Tina Siemens In June of 2019, I joined a group on a tour through six European countries. We started in the Netherlands where Menno Simons became the leader of a group of Anabaptist believers who later became known as Mennonites, from Mennos first name. There were so many sobering moments standing where… Continue reading Why It’s Important to Know Our History