Anxiety Struggles Despite Answered Prayers

Part II

It’s embarrassing to confess. I struggle to call it what it is. I downplay what I’ve been going through.

I’ve been struggling with postpartum anxiety. How can I get back to living out what God is doing in my life when I have felt like the biggest failure these past months? 

“It’s a lifestyle of victory we are after, not that we will win every battle.” This quote I heard was about struggling with anxiety, and it gave me so much peace.

I have lost a few more battles this season, but I am still walking in Christ’s victory. He is not finished with me. 

And He’s not finished with you either! 

I’ve failed many times in my new life stage. I’ve lost battles, but I have not lost the war. 

No more hiding. No more trying to cover it up. 

Bear One Another’s Burdens

The enemy wants us to hide in our struggles. He wants us to feel alone in them. But in Galatians 6:2 we are called to:

“Carry one another’s burdens; in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

We are fulfilling the law of Christ when we share our burdens in order to pray for one another or assist physically. 

I share this to bring attention to a struggle that is often covered up or not called what it is. I was told my postpartum anxiety is just being a good mom or hormonal. Hormones can be a big part of the struggle. Not feeling understood in this struggle can make it feel like you are losing your mind.

I’ve found that we need to call it what it is so we can heal. Call your struggle what it is, BUT don’t wear it like a label. 

We are NOT our anxiety. It is not “my anxiety.” Our struggle is WITH anxiety, but don’t claim it like it is a personality trait. 

I am guilty of this and still catch myself saying this.

If you struggle with anxiety, know that you are not alone. Reach out to someone. Reach out to me on email or Instagram. There is hope and I am living proof of that. 

A personal factor that contributed to my postpartum anxiety struggle:

My journey into motherhood following birth was a struggle for me. My natural birth went well, but it was still hard (it’s birth y’all). Go check out my birth story if you missed it. 

But immediately after, my baby would not latch because of a tongue tie. My midwives were amazing at helping me with nursing. They gave the best suggestions and recommendations.

After a revision, myofunctional therapy, 2 weeks of exclusive pumping, he was able to nurse 2 weeks old! 

It was amazing how God answered our prayers through my deepest struggle in early motherhood. Breastfeeding was EVERYTHING to me in early postpartum. 

Of course, midwives are big encouragers of it, telling me the work would be worth it. I definitely agree that it was. It was special to nurse my baby. 

One regret I have is I missed out on the joy of early motherhood because I was going crazy thinking that I had to make nursing work. Of course, hormonal changes were at play, but I wish I would not have idolized breastfeeding like I did, or allowed anxiety to take hold over me like I did.

This podcast helped me later on to realize my struggle with idolizing a part of motherhood. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/027-womens-issues-breastfeeding/id1495210734?i=1000493863094

I learned so much through these struggles and for that, I’m grateful. So if you have nursing struggles or postpartum anxiety struggles, reach out and I will help you with all the resources that helped me!

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