What my book is about

Life update: I finished book proposal boot camp!

The past 3 months I have been extensively working on my book proposal. If you follow me on Instagram, I may have mentioned this a few times. 

I’d like to explain what my book is going to be about and why I’m writing a proposal before the actual book.

Here’s what my book is going to be about:

Do you ever hopelessly ask yourself ‘What do I do?’
Do you ever wish you could be done with it all instead of having to figure out how to move forward? 

My old journals are filled with desiring to be in Heaven already instead of trying to face the next difficult situation, hardship, or decision. In fact, one of my most-journaled phrases is ‘What do I do?’ 

If you struggle with not knowing what to do about your future, feeling unsure in the decisions you’ve made up to this point, or what your purpose is, join me as I break down how to “figure out” God’s will for your life. And as we walk through it, we’ll see it’s not as hard as we tend to think! 

Even good things can threaten who you are and make you unsure of your purpose. These things include our relationships, personality, work, and plans. It is important to view these things in the right light, so they don’t overtake our true self. Finding peace and clarity can help us find the answers we are looking for. 

My book is going to help you:

  • Discover practical next steps to find peace and clarity when you are unsure how to move forward amidst decisions, difficulties, and divided priorities 
  • Combat threats to your identity by shifting your perspective, which leads to more peace and clear next steps 
  • Recognize the lies that threaten your purpose and fight against them with the truth of God’s Word 
  • Increase your confidence in who you are by discovering your true self and making your decisions based on the true you 

If you feel like you need this book or someone you know needs it, the best way to get your hands on it when I’ve completed it and updates as I continue to write it is by joining my email newsletter!

Be sure and sign up here if you aren’t yet!

The reason I wrote a book proposal before finishing the book is so I can have a chance to work with an agent or publisher. I am new to the publishing industry, so right now my goal is to find professional help to get my book published. 

This can all change, of course.

Writing a book is like starting a business. A publishing company is like the shark tank for writers. A book proposal includes the marketing plan as well as part of the product (chapters of the book).

Just like with starting a business, you do tons of research before you make a product or offer your services. You take classes on what you need to know for your craft (what you are selling) and how to run the business (marketing and bookkeeping). 

I am so thankful to have gotten some of the best training available through the Book Proposal Boot Camp hosted by Lysa Terkeurst and Meredith Brock with Nicki Koziarz as my coach. I am also so thankful for my accountability partner Rachel Dickey. And I am so grateful for the services of The Write Words to help me bring forward my best work! 

Also shout out to my husband for helping me handle the stress of it all and supporting me every step of the way.

Thanks for reading! God bless! 

Love brits 

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