My Birth Story

Caelum’s birth story 

Caelum means sky; heavens

Our little slice of heaven on earth

Sunday morning 

I suspected I had early labor contractions, but I let Clayton sleep in and turned off our alarms for church. Rest seemed more important in case this was early labor! 

I contacted my doula, and she encouraged me to relax and do a few things to help get him in the right position. 

Learning to trust and surrender

My midwife and doula thought he was in the wrong position because I was sleeping upright rather than in a better side lying position. I had become convinced that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen when lying down, so I started sleeping in chairs or propped up with pillows. 

My doula urged me to sleep lying down despite my worries. I was anxious about this, but after encouragement by my husband and prayer, I realized I had to trust and surrender. I had to trust those who were trying to help me birth my baby and surrender to the process. 

So I did everything they encouraged me to do to get him in the right position. 

Monday Morning

My doula suggested I go in for a checkup and get adjusted by my chiropractor to further help his positioning. My husband and I packed up and made the hour and a half drive, not completely convinced that our baby was coming today.

We got to our appointment with my midwife and things were looking good, but she still encouraged me to get adjusted. After that, we were told to grab lunch and go for a walk. But after the chiropractor adjustment, I couldn’t fathom going for a walk in the 102 degree July heat!

Things started picking up, so we went back to the birth center, and they told me they were getting my room ready. They had 3 moms in labor and they only have 2 birthing rooms so they shifted some things around and one of the other moms gave up her room for me. That mom happened to be our good friend and neighbor! (Our babies due 2 weeks apart were born on the SAME day within 3 hours!)

After a few more hours of active labor, he was born! 8 lbs and 21 inches long!

I am so amazed by his birth and thankful that God answered so many specific prayers.

I am still processing the postpartum period. Lord willing, I am excited to share what God’s been doing in my life since having him. 

A few of my recommendations for labor:

Read Holy Labor prior to your labor

Pray specifically for your labor and delivery

Create a birth playlist

Hire a doula

2 thoughts on “My Birth Story”

  1. Britney,

    Congratulations on your new baby! That’s so exciting, and I love that you went the midwife/doula route!

    Hope you’re doing well!


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