April 26, 2019

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have this as my new writing outlet. I have always dreamed of being a writer and considered it to be my spiritual gift, but never saw how I could make it into a reality until I considered blogging. But I could never get myself around to it because I was always “too” busy and made up plenty of other excuses. I finally started sharing my writing with my friends last summer through my VSCO journals (which I’ve also uploaded on here) and I really enjoyed getting feedback on how to improve and what they thought. That was another thing holding me back-I was afraid of …what they will think. That has held me back from so much in life and I am done letting fear of the world have a hold on my life. So here goes nothing.

I started this blog a little more on a whim than I originally planned. I was having some technical difficulties with VSCO journals Monday so I decided to toy around with creating a blog so Wednesday I created one. It ended up being a whole lot easier than I thought. That was another thing holding me back-I am not very tech savy. But this came together all on my own! And I am proud of myself for not getting frustrated with technology.

Stick around to read about me getting honest and raw with my writing, as well as encouraging. My prayer is that God would shine through my writing always.

God bless
Love brits

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