New Beginnings

I just started a new job and it’s keeping me crazy busy for 11 hours each day. I also started a summer semester of college almost at the same time. And of course I’m still a newly wed. Life literally is just new beginnings for me right now.

I love thinking about life as if we are only in the beginning of it especially in a spiritual sense. No matter how old we may think we are He is just getting started with us. We are still in the process of being shaped by Him.

I loved being reminded of this at this coffee shop I went to the other day named Bara’. It was the cutest shop. I love how they displayed what their name means in Hebrew and how it’s directly across from a cotton field! 10/10 recommend this place. Y’all need to try the french hazelnut latte.

Bara’- in [the] beginning [of] or to create, shape, or form

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