Isn’t it easy to imagine part of your life as a scene from a movie like when you’re staring out an airplane window watching the floating clouds of cotton candy around you while listening to some Coldplay? OR when you find an adorable, new coffee shop to write in? OR when you get lost on the Eiffel tower? OR when you get married to your best friend on the perfect day and everything is even more perfect than you could have imagined?

Yes those are my most movie-made moments BUT let’s face it, how many of those days do we have in reality?

What about the majority of the days that make up our lives? The days where we feel left out? Or the days we drop blueberries all over the floor? Or the day I almost caught my hair on fire with candles in the bathtub? Or the day I caught the oven on fire from melted cheese? Or the time I caught a dry rag on fire in mine and Clayton’s brand new house? Or the day when slicing up a poblano pepper I found a living caterpillar crawling around in there?

Those are my bloopers.

The real, everyday moments in life can often resemble the bloopers that come after a movie. They represent the unplanned moments of a scene. These unplanned moments can be just as beautiful as the actual movie scene. In fact, aren’t the bloopers even more entertaining than the actual movie? I might be wrong but watching the real person rather than the character they portray is more beautiful. I realize the acting is their gift and talent, but the beauty is found in the vulnerability in the realness and rawness of the person.

I vote we start to live out these life bloopers to their very fullest. Instead of trying to edit out and around life’s bloopers, instead of throwing a filter over that break out, let’s let each other into the reality of our lives revealing that nobody has it all together. Because without God we never will.

God bless

Love brits

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