Finding Peace & Healing in His Word

Almost 40% of Americans are more anxious than they were at this time last year, according to a new American Psychiatric Association (APA) poll. (Time Magazine)

1 in 5 Americans have read through the Bible at least once. (LifeWay Research)

These statistics might seem separate, but spiritually they correlate.

I regret to admit, I am one of the ⅘ who have not read through the whole Bible at least once. Therefore, I need this reminder. To find permanent peace and healing in our lives, we need to be consistent in reading the bible.

Dear friend, do you see the crucial part of reading God’s word? We are being molded into the likeness of Jesus when we read His word. He begins to move in our hearts and you’ll see anxiety doesn’t hold your heart captive. You’ll see you are healed from something you thought you’d be slave to for the rest of your life.

I recently attended a Revive conference via livestream, and I was really inspired by a speaker’s testimony. The speaker was really insecure in the beginning of her marriage without reason to be. Desperate for answers, she went to see a Christian counselor. The counselor’s diagnosis was “you are not a woman of the word.” Her prescription was to read the bible daily. She received complete healing, and grew to love the word. The way she spoke I could really feel her love for God’s word.

Her story reminded me of a time I was strengthened by reading the word of God.

When I was thirteen, I was anxious about the upcoming school year. I started reading through the New Testament in the CEV translation. My anxieties dissipated as I read through the gospels, the encouraging words of Paul, and the promise of Jesus’ return. I learned to love reading the bible, and it began to change me.

I have had many seasons where I was not a woman of the word. Maybe you have too. It’s a good thing God never gives up on us!

As I began to write on this topic, God laid it on my heart to read through the whole Bible in 2020. I am sharing this because I know God is also tugging on your heart! He wants to give you the peace and healing you desire. Join me in reading through the whole Bible in 2020 and becoming women of the word.

I’ll be researching practical tips and application to begin this journey so stay tuned for updates!

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

God bless

Love Brits



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