“You’re still human”

“You still fail, because you’re still human” is something along the lines of what Clayton told me the other day when I needed comfort. His words have been carrying me through this season of self-afflicted busyness.

The end of my final semester of college for an accounting certification is close to being completed. I’ve planned two Christmas parties in a matter of a week. I’m still trying to write at least once a week… Oh yeah, and Clayton and I drove to Oklahoma and back to drop stuff off for some harvesters.

I don’t have a well written blog post this week. I just have my honesty about what I’m being taught in this season. It is okay to be human. Life will get messy. Enjoy this season, because one day you will wish you would have. I hope to share more about what God is teaching me in this busy season. Stay tuned.

God bless // love brits

Also keep a look out for Christmas giveaway coming soon!

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