A Pandemic Doesn’t Prohibit God’s Prosperous Plans

There wasn’t a pandemic when I graduated in 2018, but I experienced a halt in my plans due to external, as well as internal, factors.

I planned to go to Peru, with a group of strangers, the week after I graduated for a mission trip.

That is, until I sought counsel from my parents which I should have taken seriously from the start. I realized I rushed into things. Nothing was bigger to me in my own life than the canceling of these plans.

God flipped my flightiness for His good. He opened a more tangible mission trip opportunity with my youth group to go to Chicago.

I can’t imagine what plans this pandemic changes for you, and it feels inconsiderate to try and put myself in your shoes. So all I want to offer you are the truths found in Jeremiah 29:10-14.

Let’s park on this passage. Two things to take away from this passage are:

One, we are reminded God has a hope and a future for His people even in seasons of suffering.

Two, God is not hiding from us. He promises that he will listen when we call upon Him, pray to Him, and seek Him with all our heart.

We can remind ourselves of our hope and future by writing out Jeremiah 29:11, and placing it somewhere we can see it daily.

Lastly, join me in this seeking-prayer.

I want to thank you for your promises found in Jeremiah 29. Thank you for promising us a prosperous future. Thank you for revealing yourself to us when we seek you with all our hearts. My plans still feel a little up in the air. I’m not sure where you want me to go or what you want me to do. I call out to you to guide me in my next steps. Remind me constantly of the prosperous future you have planned for me if not on earth in eternity.
In your Holy name I pray,

God bless // love Britney

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