How Our Personalities Point to Our Purpose

My personality says I shouldn’t share my writing, because I’m shy, I don’t enjoy the technical side of it, and I can’t control how it’s perceived over the internet. 

BUT I choose to believe God is equipping me so I can go where He leads. You can too! 

Because we are created for a purpose, every part of us was created to point to that purpose. This includes our personalities but is not limited to them.

“I’m too shy to serve in church that way.”

“I’m not serious enough to be a Sunday School teacher.”

None of these are acceptable excuses for God to exempt us from our purpose of making Him known. I know this, because I’ve battled this myself.

First, if you aren’t familiar with your personality, learn it. Take those personality quizzes! Take the enneagram test and/or the Myers-Briggs test. Take a quiz to find out what Disney princess you are! Don’t take your personality so seriously. Have fun with it.

But remember: your personality can show you what interests you, but it doesn’t get to say everything about you. God does. Your personality does not determine what you’re called to.

So don’t limit yourself from a way of serving God because you’re introverted and aren’t that good at speaking.

Moses is guilty of this, “O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.” (Exodus 4:10)

God realized Moses’ personality hindered him which is why God promised “I will help you speak and teach you what to say.” (v. 11)

So actually, God can call us to what we can’t handle, because He wants us to rely only on Him for strength. The glory goes to Him if He’s at work in you, not if you’re at work in you.

Think about it like this: if an introverted, shy person approaches you and tells of how God empowers them to share the gospel vocally it points the glory to God. That is how our personality points to our purpose.

OR… say an extroverted, people-pleasing person may have a difficult time sharing their story in certain settings where people won’t respond positively. The person will point the glory to God not themselves when they share regardless of what others think.

Moses’ story gives all the glory to God, because he could have never done that in his own strength.

Our personalities point to our purpose when God works in our weaknesses. Our purpose is to obediently listen to his call whether it lines up with our natural tendencies or not.

God bless // love brits

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