2 Prayers to Propel You into Christmas & 2021

Sometimes we need to stop and really reflect on the previous season before we can move forward in our current and/or approaching season. Maybe you feel exhausted, burnt out, and drained like me? As excited I am for what’s around the corner, I also am worn out from what felt like a long year we’ve endured. Maybe you’re with me? 

I’ve written two prayers. Prayed from a position of honest and real emotion. I hope you pray these with me this season.

For a printable version of these prayers, click the link at the bottom!

Dear God, 

Please fill me with expectant anticipation for how we will celebrate the holidays this year. Help me seek connection rather than perfection. I admit I am not filled with joy as this year has left me weary. Please forgive me for trying to do things on my own strength. I ask you to enter my holiday schedule. Become the main part of the planning and the sole decider for which directions to take. I can only do these things in Your strength. Humble me like you humbly entered this world. Thank you for leading by example and thank you for what you will do this Christmas season. 

In Jesus name I pray, amen

Dear God, 

You are so good. This year has been hard in many ways, but you are still sovereign and good. I admit I have fallen short of Your plans for me. I failed to accomplish things in Your strength so I got burnt out. I surrender that to you as we enter a new year. Refresh my soul in a way that only you can do. I am so tired mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and it’s affecting me physically. I want to start the new year with renewed fervor and passion. Show me what that looks like. Show me the direction you want to take me into the new year. Guide my goal-making. Remind me of what’s realistic and reasonable. Make me a vessel of your love in 2021. Thank you for what you will do through me in your power. 

In Jesus name I pray, amen

Click this link for a printable version of these prayers.

God bless // love brits

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