4 Reasons Why I Love Living in West Texas

May 9th, 2019

I love living in West Texas. I used to hate it here and could think of nothing more than moving away one day. But since then I’ve dug my roots and slowly began to see the beauty of growing here. So here are my reasons for loving life in WT!

I am a local-born & raised
I was born in Denver City, Texas and graduated from DCHS in May 2018. With attending church in Seminole, TX and with half my family living there, it felt like my second hometown. I lived in Lubbock for the fall semester of college in 2018 which was great but it didn’t feel like home. Then, I got married in March 2019 in Lubbock and moved to Seminole. Seminole is now my home because my heart is here! I attend the same church I did growing up and I have gained a lot more family here since marrying Clayton!

You never know what you’re gonna get
This reason is referring to the weather. Yesterday we had 15 mph wind with up to 75 degrees F which is normal for WT in the spring, and today we woke up to 40 degrees F and cloudy which is also normal for WT in the spring. I also love being able to see the sunset every evening without anything blocking my view! The best part is that no sunsets are the same! I love not having the same thing everyday and not always knowing what you’re gonna get. I love living life on the edge.

It makes every place you go more exciting
When you live in a small town, there isn’t much going on so when you leave it’s that much more exciting. I can’t really compare any location with our hometown because they aren’t even on the same scale. Home is a great place to be, but so is anyplace with humidity because we don’t have that here in dry West Texas. And while some people might take trees for granted because they have so many, I see trees and I am thinking of how that tree would make for a great treehouse or how two perfectly spaced trees could fit a hammock between them! I love leaving WT as much as I love living in WT!

Room for growth
This reason is probably the most practical. I have noticed a lot of growth in the Seminole area since I was a little girl. Especially with my church! For me that is so exciting because that means there’s always new people, new experiences, and new opportunities coming in. This is also true with the physical land Clayton and I live on. It used to be a cotton field, but now it’s our home. We have a lot of space to add trees, a porch, a garage, a yard, and a barn. And from my dad’s example, there always seems to be a new business opportunity in this area. I have also noticed, aside from students moving off to college, more people move to Seminole area than move away from it and I love that.

Thank y’all for reading

God bless

love brits

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