3 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Road Rage

My husband is the sweetest. Until someone cuts him off while driving. I always feel safe with my husband except on the road sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, his driving is great. It’s his road rage that has my eyes widening.

I define road rage as getting angry with someone else’s driving. This doesn’t always mean screaming at them, showing them a nasty symbol, and trying to cut them off. I’m talking about internal anger that builds when someone makes you frustrated when driving. 

I’m here to tell you there is hope. I have found 3 things that can cure road rage …mostly

My 3 ways to have less anger on the road include:

  1. Listening to worship music. I can’t say how much of a difference this has made for my mind on the road. It’s easy to get frustrated with another person’s “cereal box driver’s license,” but getting angry doesn’t solve the situation. Keep yourself safe by playing some hillsong.
  2. Listening to podcasts. Maybe you don’t feel like singing your heart out. Put on a great podcast that keeps your mind alert and eyes on the road. A few of my favorites include The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman, Proverbs 31 Podcast, Whoa That’s Good Podcast by Sadie Robertson, The Bible Project, Ask Pastor John or a new one called Of Grace & Truth Podcast.
  3. Praying. I hope you didn’t roll your eyes! Hear me out. I’ve had many life-changing revelations in the driver’s seat of my truck just simply praying out loud. Note: I don’t recommend closing your eyes and bowing your head when driving. Just talk to God like He’s in the passenger seat! Even praying before you drive is a great way to surrender your heart to the Lord before getting all worked up over someone not using their “perfectly good” turn signals. 

This might not be an overnight cure. I still slip up sometimes, but a posture of worship and prayer is the key to overcoming this disease. 

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