How to Swap Stress for Stillness

Do you put a lot on yourself? Does life thrust undesirable circumstances on you?

Whatever is the cause of your stress, know you are not alone.

I’ve had my fair share of periods of stress. I’ve learned a lot in those (mostly) self-inflicted seasons of busyness:

  • Trying harder only leads to burn out
  • No one is impressed by how much you stress. We all suffer from excessive stress at one point in our lives
  • Being bored is better than being busy
  • Relying on the Lord is the only way to ease the load

Sometimes it is physically impossible to swap stress for a lovely season of stillness. Maybe you can’t quit your job, or you’ve made too many commitments and it’s too late to back out of anything.

Swapping stress isn’t like swapping wet laundry into the dryer but it is not as far reached as we think.

A season of stillness doesn’t have to look like sitting at home for hours and hours. (That might be considered laziness) It could simply mean being cautious of how you currently spend your free time. It could look like getting up early to spend time seeking the Lord in the morning stillness before the rush.

If you’re stressed from how much you’ve put on your plate this season, when you’re not as busy and have a few moments: take some time to step back and reflect and prepare your mind for how you will approach your next period of stress.

If you’re stressed from uncontrollable circumstances, make a point to clear unnecessary added stresses. And sit on the truth from Matthew 11:29:

“Take my yoke upon and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls”

Maybe it’s okay to sit on the couch for a couple days doing the bare minimum. Maybe just knowing that this season isn’t permanent is enough to be still in a moment. Reflecting on the knowledge that a season of stillness is around the corner could be what you need to carry you through today’s stressfulness.

Just a reminder that putting on too much stress shows a lack of faith in the Lord. Fearing he won’t come through so you put more on yourself than he designed for us to carry. Trusting Him looks like releasing the stress we cling to and taking up his yoke.

God bless // love brits

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