How to Not Allow Your Emotions To Consume You: Part 2 of 3

I woke up and instantly felt discomfort. I grabbed for my phone to google my aching symptoms. The morning AC felt extra cool. The coffee tasted extra bitter. I needed to know what was wrong with my body. This isn’t the first time I’ve diagnosed myself.

When something feels wrong, I jump to find answers before bringing it to my answerer. 

I don’t know if you’ve done this before. It is difficult to get a hold of our emotions when something is off. I have even tricked myself into a false truth before. 

As helpful as it is, the internet is not always right. Or even if it is right, it might not be beneficial for our emotions.

Step two: Change the track of your mind. 

In other words, we need to flip the script that we read to ourselves. 

“The mind is a powerful place and what you feed it can affect you in a powerful way.”

This song lyric has led me to question what I’m allowing into my mind when my emotions are raving.

To rewire the wording that seems to replay in our panic-stricken minds, we can begin with the following:

  1. Pray. We need to pray for more than just answers. We can start by acknowledging our wavering emotions and praying for connection with God. Pray that He will guide us to grab hold of our minds. Pray for constant renewal of the mind.
  2. Insert truth where a lie pops up. Get sticky notes, search up bible verses that have to do with the consuming emotion, and stick them where they will seen daily. Write verses on your mirror or fridge in erasable marker. Invest in a letter board for a cute reminder.
  3. Seek a mentor. A mentor might not have all the answers for our consuming emotions, but they can partner in prayer with us, speak life into us, and offer guidance. They are also great accountability partners which is key to finding victory over consuming emotion.

Tip for finding a mentor: Someone older. Someone who has your best interest at heart. Someone stronger in their faith. Someone who’s walked the path you are currently on. 

Tangible To do & Takeaway:

  • Write Romans 12:2 on a sticky note and stick it on your bathroom mirror. (Better yet, memorize it!)
  • Journal a prayer seeking to receive a renewed mind
  • Make a list of candidates of people who might be willing and a good fit to be your mentor and start to pray about asking someone

God bless // love brits

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