How to Not Allow Your Emotions to Consume You: Part 3 of 3

Again it’s a mixture of hurt, anger, and insecurity. The consuming feeling I don’t belong is confirmed when I scroll on social media. FOMO is real, but so is introversion. Insecurity consols my emotions. 

“You don’t belong. You are too shy.”

I sit on the floor in silence. Fear of rejection is greater than my fear of being alone. So this feels like a win. I spared myself from further emotional turmoil, right? 

Wrong, I let my insecurities and emotions win.

Doesn’t it feel like we get caught in an emotional consumption cycle? The same emotions always come crawling back.

It’s time to hang our hurt on the laundry line, dry the tears that told us we are not enough and walk in Christ-confidence. 

Step three: Conquer consuming emotions with Christ-confidence

We must press into the excuse. Emotions will always accompany us. But when they consume us is when we’ve granted them too much power. 

To break our consuming emotion cycle we must do what our emotional insecurities don’t tell us: live in the truth, despite how we feel.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

Send your neighbor a heart-felt message. Share your emotions with a trusted friend. Join that group for healing. Unfollow what triggers your insecurity.

We cannot let consuming emotions excuse us from living a life of freedom.

In Christ, we are more than conquerors. In Christ, we can walk confidently. In Christ, we are free from consuming emotion.

Tangible To do & Takeaway:

Grab a coffee & read Romans 8:37-39.

God bless // love brits

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